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Calgary patient asks: Can I receive a smile makeover in a single visit?

Learn More About Smile Makeover Procedure, Near Me In Calgary AB

Most patients have some imperfections that they would like to change in their smiles. Whether it is a turned tooth, stubborn discoloration, or wear and tear that has developed over several years, our friendly and highly-skilled team at Wellness Dental offer single visit smile makeover treatment. Keeping with our mission to help our patients to live well, we are pleased to have equipped our office with technologies that make this a possibility. We recognize that each patient’s time is a valuable commodities and we respect that by offering single-visit restorations using our CEREC computer-aided design and custom milling. CEREC is … Continue reading

Calgary patient asks, “What is involved with biological tooth extraction?”

Biological Tooth Extraction Near Me in Calgary

At the holistic and biological practice of Wellness Dental in Calgary, our professional team believes in providing the most conservative, natural, and non-invasive treatment possible. There are times, however, when surgical intervention may be necessary, such as in the case of tooth extraction. While permanent teeth are expected to last a lifetime, trauma, damage, or decay can necessitate the removal of a tooth or teeth. Conditions that may require that a tooth be removed include: Decay In cases when the interior area of the tooth, called the pulp chamber, becomes infected, root canal treatment is typically recommended. If root canal … Continue reading

Calgary biological dentists offer advanced wound healing

Learn More About Advanced Wound Healing Near Me in Calgary

At the holistic and biological dental practice of Wellness Dental, we believe in preventing and avoiding the need for tooth extractions whenever possible. In certain cases, however, this procedure is in the best interest of the patient. One of the most common extractions is the removal of wisdom teeth. Teeth that have been extensively damaged and are no longer functional or comfortable may also need to be removed. Before recommending extraction, Dr. Kindal Robertson or Dr. James Redd and our professional team will consider all treatment options, as well as their opportunity to accelerate wound healing using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), … Continue reading

Safe tooth extraction technique in Calgary promotes natural healing and reduces risks

Tooth Extraction Technique Near Me in Calgary

Biological offices such as Wellness Dental offer materials and techniques that are gentle to living tissues. Platelet Rich Fibrin complements safe tooth extraction in Calgary and complements the doctors’ focus on biological dentistry for the benefit of patient health and comfort. The traditional procedure Conventionally, if extraction is deemed best to restore health, the treatment area is numbed. Surgical dental instruments are used to access and remove the tooth. The extraction site is cleaned. Gauze is applied to control bleeding, and instructions are provided to prevent dry socket and other painful complications. The PRF approach Drs. Redd and Robertson will … Continue reading

Patients in Alberta near Calgary ask: how can biological dentists help me?

The Best biological dentists Near Me In Calgary AB

Studies have shown that patients who are actively involved in their healthcare achieve better outcomes. Patient education is now a critical factor in disease prevention and management. You understand the importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle and their impact on all aspects of your physical, mental, and oral health. Limiting or avoiding toxins in your environment and in your body can help you look and feel better and healthier. That same concept is embraced within the philosophy of biological dentistry. Biological dentists are not specialized but do have a different outlook. Dr. Kindal Robertson and Dr. James Redd, … Continue reading

Patients considering holistic dentistry ask, “How can I find the best in holistic and biological dentistry?”

Learn More About Holistic And Biological Dentistry Near Me In Calgary AB

Holistic dentistry embraces a philosophy that your physical, emotional, and oral health are all closely interconnected. Changes or infections in your mouth can have a direct impact on how you feel about yourself and on how you feel physically. In that same manner, health conditions and diseases can significantly affect your oral health. Holistic dentistry addresses you as a total person not just the condition of your teeth and gums. Holistic dentists also evaluate the materials that are used and the long-term impact that they may have. Biological dentistry, in combination with the holistic approach, emphasizes mercury-safe dentistry and the … Continue reading

Calgary biological dentist focuses on preventative dentistry to help Calgary patients lead healthier lives

Best biological Dentist Near Me in Calgary

Biological dentistry is a philosophy that focuses on safe dental materials, oral health, and total wellness. A major component of this is preventative dentistry. By taking a proactive approach to caring for your teeth and gums, you can help avoid dental disease, enjoy a beautiful smile, and lead a healthier life. Oral health has an effect on total body health. There are many conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s that all present with symptoms in the mouth. Materials that are used in dental restorations can also affect the wellness of the body. By taking care of … Continue reading

Holistic dentistry in Calgary focuses on the use of safe dental materials

Learn More About Safe Dental Materials Near Me in Calgary

The safety of metals in dental restorations has been a hot topic over the past decades. Millions of patients are left wondering if there is cause for worry over amalgam fillings that were once the standard. It also poses the question, “What about the materials used for all of my other dental work, like crowns, bridges, or implants?” At Wellness Dental in Calgary, we take special caution to address your individual sensitivities before they are placed in your mouth. We believe strongly that the use of safe, biocompatible materials is the best decision for the oral health and complete wellness … Continue reading

Calgary Patients Enjoy Mercury Free And Mercury Safe Dentistry

Learn More About Mercury Safe Dentistry Near Me in Calgary

One of the aspects of biological dentistry, is looking at the body as a whole. In the Calgary office of Wellness Dental, our team uses safe techniques, tools, and materials to help our patients to do more than live – but to live well. We understand the intricate correlation between oral health care and overall systemic health and wellness. Dr. Kindal Robertson and Dr. James Redd are experienced and compassionate Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) who believe that every patient deserves attentive, personalized, and total-body health care. We assess not only the situation presently at hand with a patient, but … Continue reading

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Living Wellness Dental Northland provides patients with dental services from a biological approach designed to empower them with knowledge that will help them optimize their oral health. Quality treatments are tailored according to each client’s sensitivities and enable them to take control of their own health and wellness. Our highly skilled team of dentists, Dr.Spencer DeSanti, Dr. Kindal Robertson and Dr. James Redd boast upwards of 60 years of combined dental experience and are supported by the latest in technology in addition to unique training and certification in biocompatible dentistry, the hallmark of Living Wellness Dental Northland services. Our clients benefit from the natural approach to dentistry which yields high quality holistic services for clients of all demographics.